21 Aug

Chief Scientist for Search and Cloud

Tweet Raghu Ramakrishnan is Chief Scientist for Search and Cloud Platforms at Yahoo!, and is a Yahoo! Fellow, heading the Web Information Management research group. His work in database systems, with a focus on data mining, query optimization, and web-scale data management, has influenced query optimization in commercial database systems and the design of window […]

30 Nov

The Future Search Engine

Tweet TRADITIONAL SEARCH ENGINE TECHNOLOGY Search Engines have been a great involvement in the evolution of the WWW, since its first steps in the early 90’s: simply put, the technology behind them changed the way information retrieval operated on the WWW, and gave faster access to an increasingly larger corpus of ever-expanding

18 Sep

Yahoo! Unlocked

Tweet Yahoo! provided a glimpse of the faded internet search star-s future identity that included making its web pages more personalised and more social.Carol Bartz,who replaced company co founder Jerry Yang as head of what was floundering internet search pioneer being lost in Google’s growing.

26 Aug

Google Holds 64.2% of all Search in the U.S.

Tweet A recent report from The Nielsen Company shows that Google is still the daddy in U.S. search, but reveals that Yahoo! and Bing have experienced relative growth. Although Google’s share of the searches dropped from June to July it still holds 64.2% of all search, put in another way every 3 out of 5 […]

19 Jul

Yahoo Traffic Will Disappear Next Month

Tweet Yahoo to make the transition to Bing search results very soon. Do not concern yourself with Yahoo search rankings and the traffic the Yahoo search engine brings to your website. As early as next month, nobody will give a crap about how well you have fooled Yahoo into increasing the rank of your website. […]

12 Jun

PageRank of E

Tweet There are many factors which determine the ranking of Google search results but PageRank continues to be the foundation for all of Google’s web search tools. PageRank is an algorithm that analyses the links between websites by assigning a numerical weighting to each website with the aim of measuring its relative importance within the […]

09 Jun

Happy Birthday Word Search

Tweet Early Years It is a little known fact that in 1990 Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J.Peter Deutsch created what is considered to be the first Internet search engine. They created a tool named Archie, which indexed FTP archives that allowed people to find specific files. The basic functions of this tool were contacting […]

22 May

More traffic in Google less in Yahoo

Tweet High ranking traffic in Google,this april the traffic in Google passed the number of visitor to the search engine Yahoo for 141.1   million monthly unique visitors in front of 140.6 million unique visitors.For the first time Mr Google take the command  in the traffic rank . Google has long been the Internet’s leader in […]

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