02 May

Designing New and Different Technologies

Tweet Tech Companies are Saints Compared to Financial Companies.Everyday a fresh story appears on the blogs about the injustices of some tech company. These stories usually involve Facebook and privacy issues or Google and the Panda update. But how immoral and unethical are tech companies? I would argue that they are not very unethical

02 Nov

Silicon Valley 150: Cisco Systems

Tweet (CIX: SV150) Web and rank has been keeping a close eye on the Silicon Valley top 150 companies. This list gives you a great idea of the movers and shakers of the IT world. Every two weeks we will publish a news story related to one of these companies in the hope you can […]

25 Oct

Emotional Technology Kit

Tweet Emotiv Makes Science Fiction a Reality.The tag line ‘you think, therefore, you can’ is a catchy insight into a fantastic piece of technology.Emotiv have developed a neuroheadset called EPOC it is a ‘high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset’. It allows the user to interact with a computer on a whole new level, […]

24 Oct


Tweet In a bid to stir up the ‘spirit of 2008’ Obama met with Apple boss Steve Jobs last Thursday. The meeting is reported to have been about US energy independence, American competitiveness, education and ways to create new jobs. The meeting took place in a hotel in San Francisco. The midterm elections are far […]

16 Oct

How Technology Affects Today’s Classroom

Tweet Today’s classroom looks significantly different than the classroom of yesteryear. Starting as early as preschool, children will be introduced to computer programs and media presentations as a part of their learning experience. By the time students hit college, new technology becomes the center of their educational existence.

02 Oct

The Future of the Web is HTML5

Tweet In the 1990s, the World Wide Web quickly rose from an obscure university research tool to an international and universal publishing medium. The masses were not just flocking to the Web in droves to read, view, and listen to content; they were creating it.

06 Sep

One of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2009 and 2010

Tweet This title was offered to GINA TRAPANI by the Fast Company earlier this year and will all justification to. Trapani caught the attention of Webandrank back in 2005 when she created the Lifehacker blog; Wired magazine awarded her the Rave Award in 2006 for the great work she accomplished on this blog. Gina is […]

08 Jun

Can You See Me Now? 30 Billion Video Chats by 2015

Tweet The other day I Skype called my brother and during this call I got to meet my 6 month year old nephew. I realised then that this was an important moment, I started to use the Internet around the age of 15 but before my nephew could even speak he had already been apart […]

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