05 Dec

SEO Job Titles

Tweet Today have a job in SEO is a great opportunity of career, all over U.S. the number of well payed workplaces in the industry is growing fast with a large variety of sectors. Among many choices, you simply need to be able to find the right place for you and the salary that fits […]

13 Apr

Can e-Government Cope with a Government Shut Down

Tweet The recent budget stale mate (or impasse as the press like to call it) and the threat of a possible government shut down in the United States has thrown up some interesting questions about e-government.Over the last 15 years the United States government has undergone a transformation in the way it conducts day-to-day business

22 Mar

The Internet Factbook Information

Tweet It has not exactly been a great start for 2011. The two most notable events are the megaquake and tsunami in Japan, and the popular uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East. Watching the news over the last 10 days has been traumatic and thought provoking; we live in interesting times and the […]

11 Jan

UK Slow on SEO but Big on Social Media

Tweet It has always been apparent that our American cousins have had a greater taste for SEO then us Brits. It’s not just SEO too, but the whole blogging, programming and IT technology scene. On the whole it seems that British people are slow to get themselves involved in website building

24 Nov

Tutorial About How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Tweet Make a blog is one of the most effective instrument to make an online business, make money or just writing your personal view. With blogging, you don’t limit your passion and creativity online you will find out how to make a nice blog. Tutorial about How to start a blog  for beginners.

30 Oct

World’s Spammers Ranking

Tweet Name and Shame Spammers: The Spamhaus Project Did you know that roughly 100 known professional spam gangs create 80% of all the spam aimed at Internet users in Europe and North America?Luckily for us a team of spam busters works to uncover the names, aliases and operations of these gangs. This team is called […]

21 Oct

Some New Thoughts on Blogging

Tweet Why do so many bloggers think that I want to know their viewpoints on something that generally is already accepted?  I wonder at times if people don’t write to stimulate thought at level of a 6-year-old. I generally don’t read blogs or respond to them because to question anything that they have written, is […]

21 Oct

SEO Tip for Dummies

Tweet Because of the dominance of the internet today, it is not surprising that web search is now the way most people find products or services. Telephone books served their purpose in their time, but now mostly go directly into the recycling bins at houses around the country while folks in those same houses jump […]

19 Oct

Deja Vu All Over Again

Tweet One day, in one of my high school English classes, a student asked a good question. Why do the books become harder to read every year. My answer was that otherwise we would still be reading at the third grade level. Listening to a classical station, a prominent one over the Internet, that question […]

02 Oct

The Future of the Web is HTML5

Tweet In the 1990s, the World Wide Web quickly rose from an obscure university research tool to an international and universal publishing medium. The masses were not just flocking to the Web in droves to read, view, and listen to content; they were creating it.

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