How to Manage Your Business Reputation | Relationship

Follow my blog with Bloglovin|webandrank management reputation 150x150 How to Manage Your Business Reputation | RelationshipThe field of communication and media is ever changing, with technological developments and digital transformation creating new brands, opportunities, behaviours and power, and disruption leading to new ideas, demands and expectations. But the truth is, a number of companies do not have reputation protocols in place, that are fitted to the communications landscape of today. Not having a proper plan in place, these companies’ battle seem Continue Reading »

The Internet has come to stay and the future has no wires

nanotech1 150x150 The Internet has come to stay and the future has no wires

Current research in Nanotechnology related to the Internet and mobile devices shows that Nanotech can be used to change both the electronics and the Internet as we know it.What decided the speed of the Internet is not only bases on the actually physical broadband lines and Wi-Fi but also on the hardware that you are using to access the Internet.I guess that you today are using your Cell Phone or your Laptop or Tablet (or that other combo unit now called a Phablet) to surf the net? Continue Reading »

How to Improving Your Personal Brand

warblog 150x150 How to Improving Your Personal Brand
When most people think about improving a brand, they often believe it applies only to businesses and companies. However, everyone has a personal brand that helps them find active employment. By maintaining and improving your personal brand, you can increase your prospects for landing the type of job that you want.
What is a Personal Brand? Continue Reading »

Web and Rank Social Media Policy

policy webandrank 150x150 Web and Rank Social Media PolicyPlease find below our completed social media policy. Is perfect time to use this policy in any media engagement. If you have any feedback for our media team, please contact us.

This policy governs the publication of and commentary on social media by employees of web and rank ltd and its related companies (“Web and Rank”). For the purposes of this policy, social media means any facility for online publication Continue Reading »

10 Free Business Listing Sites – Optimized Listing


webandrank template microsoft 150x150 10 Free Business Listing Sites   Optimized ListingIf you understand how search engines work, you realize that getting your business into a wide variety of business listing sites is a wise move; it will make it exponentially more easy for your customers to be able to locate you when using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find a provider of the good or service you offer. I think directories with few exceptions are not good for all business and better use your time to create good content, but some we “trusted” give you a real link juice Continue Reading »

Export Trade that Wants to Expand to Southeast Asia Today

international businesses export1 Export Trade that Wants to Expand to Southeast Asia TodayIt is not easy to work out an optimization plan for international businesses which involves various populations and countries. Both entrepreneurs and web rank experts should find out essential concerns to achieve foothold worldwide. These stakeholders need to comprehend their environment carefully before even thinking about rankings and inbound marketing in general.
As an example, look at how many Italian company in the export trade that wants Continue Reading »

Author Bio Vs. In-Content

author bio web rank 150x150 Author Bio Vs. In ContentThe goal of any website is to get as many people to pass through its virtual front doors as possible. It should come as no real surprise that the best way to get quality visitors to any site is through the search engines, which means web ranking becomes all-important, yes i know the social media get more and more traffic, but most of this traffic is fake or artificial, look for example the uge quantity of fake positive comments in, like i was write in my last comment to the blog of  Dan Graziano TripAdvisor has come under fire in recent Continue Reading »

Libelous Ranking Case

libelous remove material service 150x150 Libelous Ranking CasePotentially libelous comments that have been posted on Google’s will now have to be quickly removed by the search engine giant based on a court appeal ruling in London.According to a u UK high court ruling, last year, Google only has a limited window of 5 weeks in which to remove libelous content on a Google blogpost before it could face a libel action.  Continue Reading »

Low Cost And Effective Marketing Strategy For Startups

low cost internet marketing 150x150 Low Cost And Effective Marketing Strategy For StartupsStarting a business is a very exhilarating experience fraught with the success, worries, and failures. When you start a business you are responsible for coming up with ideas and make them happen, everything from production to marketing to sales, you are involved everywhere. The main focus of any business is on sales and marketing, and now online marketing, SEO and SEM is the vital component for any web site rank and marketing strategy. Continue Reading »

So you Should Consider your Shipping Cost as a Marketing Cost?

So you Should Consider your Shipping Cost as a Marketing Cost 150x150 So you Should Consider your Shipping Cost as a Marketing Cost?
A merchant can understand how much time consuming the process of fulfilling and shipping out the orders are, and the effort it takes to deliver the orders, and because of this, often times cost is the last thing in the mind of merchant that time.
Lots of the merchants rely on the third party order management software that helps expedite the whole shipping process. Continue Reading »

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